Library Card Issuance


  1. Residents of Evansdale are eligible for a library card without charge.  A resident must have an Evansdale mailing address.


  1. Residents of Elk Run Heights and Gilbertville are eligible for a library card without charge, as these communities have contracted library service with the Evansdale Public Library.  Residents must have a mailing address of Elk Run Heights or Gilbertville.


  1. Residents of Waterloo or Black Hawk County may apply for an Evansdale Public Library card upon presentation of proper identification and proof of residence.  This card will be issued without charge.


  1. A child in fifth grade or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when applying for a library card.  The parent or guardian must be present and provide proof of residency and proper identification before a card can be issued. This card will be issued without charge.


  1. There is a $1.00 fee for replacing a lost, stolen or damaged library card.


  1. Purging of library card files will be done at Director’s discretion.


  1. A new card will carry a five (5) year expiration date. At that time verification will be made on the library records of name, address, phone number, and any other pertinent information contained on such record.


              Adopted     September 1996

·         Amended     November 2001

·         Approved   August 2006

·         Approved    November 2009

·         Amended     July 2016